Taillight Bezels

It has been awhile since I added anything to my blog because I’ve been way to busy working on putting the car together to work on adding blog entries.  I’ve been working so much, I thought I’d better get some done before I forgot what I’d done. On many of the Facebook groups, posters come up with creative reasons to post pictures of their cars, like “taillight Tuesdays” and “side shot Saturday”.  Since it was Tuesday, I decided to work on the new taillight bezels I got last week.  I didn’t get them done on this particular Tuesday, maybe I’ll post this article for the next “taillight Tuesday”.

In typical fashion, I couldn’t find the attaching hardware for the taillight bezels in the AMK “master body” kit (either it didn’t come in the kit or I misplaced them, which could be a possibility), but I did have the originals so they will suffice.

A good restoration tip is to compare the original with the replacement.  While the bezels themselves are really close on the outside, but the attaching stud did not have the correct appearance.  Most people might say why bother, but this is a detail that judges will look for and attention to this type of detail differentiates different levels of restorations.


Replacement bezel stud



Original bezel stud

It is easy to see that the original stud has a different end, and when removed, you can see the original color underneath.


New stud and original stud comparison

So all were removed, the originals were bead blasted and wire wheeled to clean them up and then they were coated to match the originals.  The original nuts were inspected and some were in great shape after being cleaned and some were also coated to match the original finish.


Re-coated nut on the left, original on the right.


All the nuts, some original, some repainted. Can you see which ones are original?


The AMK Tail lamp wiring fasteners were also compared to the originals which were also in great shape.  The AMK is on the left with the original on the right.  The finish isn’t the same so the original will be used.


AMK Tail light wiring fastener on the left, original on the right.

IMG_2352 (Medium)

The original bezel with the fasteners.




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