Rebuilding the Brake Distribution Block

You learn something new everyday about these cars and a while back was no exception.  I saw something about a rebuild kit for the brake distribution block and thought it would be best to rebuild this one because it was 40+ years old.  First off I’ll show you the difference between a 1969 distribution block and a 1970 for cars with front disc that need a proportioning valve to even out the pressure needed for a disc brake vs. a drum brake.  In 1969 (could be 1968 as well) vs. 1970, the big difference is the brake proportioning valve and it’s placement.

In 1969 the proportioning valve is attached to the bottom of the block:

Brake distribution block with brake proportioning valve

In 1970, the proportioning valve was inside the distribution block.

IMG_2369 (Medium)

1970 Brake distribution block

The rebuild kit is pretty simple and I’m sure well worth the money for braking safety. It came with new O-rings, gaskets and the spring.

IMG_2371 (Medium)

I have a tool that I’ll use in place of the brake light switch (middle) when bleeding the brakes so that the light will not come on like most Mustangs with that feature.  I’ll take pictures of it when the time comes.

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