License Plate Map

One day we were shopping.  I saw a “poster” of a United States map made out of license plates.  Thinking that our great room had some license plate items already in the room, I thought that the map would be a great addition to our wall.  Jill replied, not that poster!  Of course, I wasn’t thinking of a poster, I was going to make the real thing!  She often scoffs at my cockamamie projects so the challenge was on!  I devised a plan to get license plates for “free”.  Being a member of the forum, I came up with the idea of getting members of that forum website to send me two license plates, one for me and one for a map I would auction as a benefit for the website owner.  I got over half my plates for free.

Starting off, I borrowed an overhead projector and found a map online which I printed to a transparency (old school?).

Using the overhead projector to create the map.

My goal was to make Montana one full plate because I bought a plate with “BLKPONY” on it off of e-bay.  I then made an outline on plywood.


I then used another paper outline I had cut apart to cut each state.

Cutting out each state

Each state was cut, then holes were drilled and small nails were used to hold the state in place.

West of the Mississippi is now done….

I got plates from members of the VMF, friends and family, swap meets and e-bay.  Notice the Kansas plate which was given to me by my best friend growing up who was an avid Royals fan.  He took me to my first game back in the early 70’s.

Almost done

The final product after it was framed.

All done. It is very hard to take pictures of because of the reflective plates.

The VMF map was not framed and it brought $500 which was the single biggest donation to support the site.  The map has been sighted on Facebook on the owners garage wall.

License plate map on the garage wall of the guy who bought the VMF map.

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