1967 Shelby GT350

1967 Shelby GT350


Like any Mustang nut, the ultimate car to own would be a Shelby and Jill and I realized that dream in 2000 by purchasing a GT350, #3162 from a fellow club member. The car had been professionally restored back in 1989 and since that restoration, the car had a total of 480 miles on the trip odemeter, normally back and forth to some local shows.

Show at Union Station for the Ford 100th Anniversary

Our Shelby is was built late in the year, so it has outboard headlights. The first 1967 Shelby’s had “inboard” headlights and some states had requirements for the distance between headlights, so Shelby American had to make the distance greater, hence the term “outboards”. So if you look at the VIN, it does have a “Z” preceding the serial number which indicates outboard driving lights (which is true of most Shelby’s with outboards). Since this car was built late, it also does not have the brake coolers in the rear wheel wells.

Side scoops

From the factory, the car had a black Deluxe interior (the only other option was parchment) and functional roll bar welded to the floor behind the front seats. Mounted to the roll bar is shoulder harness with an inertia reel. All 1967 Shelby Mustangs came with mandatory optional fold down rear seats.

Winners circle, Kansas Speedway

The GT 350 continued with Ford’s hot 271 horsepower 289 high performance engine (aka, hi-po) which comes with solid lifters. The engine came with a medium hi-rise aluminum COBRA intake with a Holley carb. Since this is Shelby had an automatic transmission it came with a 595 CFM Holly carb (as opposed to the 715 CFM on 4 speed cars).

Snake Saturday Parade

It is a lot of fun to drive, because it turns heads, but sometimes you get a little paranoid about having a accident because of all the heads it does turn. It gets taken to some local shows and cruise nights and parades (like the Snake Saturday Parade), and it generally gets quite a bit of attention.

Our cars have their own garages in the basement which is kept clean and dry.

Basement garage

Getting chased by Elanore

We got a lot of questions about the car, and the most common one is “Is this Elanore?” Most times I answer, no, this one is real, Elanore is a clone!

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