1966 Convertible

Blackie….  Our 1966 convertible.  I call him my beater.  Not a great paint job so it isn’t a show car.  I take him to run errands in.  My grocery getter…  It is a deluxe interior (meaning Pony seats) and an AM 8-Track that works (now that I took it out to be fixed).  Hard to find working 8-Tracks, but I have a ton from when I was growing up.  Some work, some don’t….

Mustang2 (Large)



I haven’t done anything much with the exterior.  The engine compartment and undercarriage were in poor shape, so the fall/winter of 2011, it went from here:

IMG_1198 (Medium)

Undercarriage before restoration

IMG_1032 (Large)

Engine compartment, before restoration (it did have new valve coves and breather).

The rear end, after cleaning, before restoration.

To here:

New gas tank, detailed undercarriage

Clean and shiny…

Nicely painted and clean.

The UPS guy knows when there is a shipment from the Mustang parts place, it goes to the detached garage….

IMG_1242 (Large)

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