Game 5

The outlook should have been brighter for the Metsville Nine that day,
the score stood 2 to nil, with but one inning left to play.
Volquez had been brilliant, pitching with heavy heart,
his father who had just passed, to him he dedicated this start.

The Mets scored 2 runs with one of them unearned,
the Royals took their turn at bat, Met’s fans seem unconcerned.
But then when Lorenzo drew a walk, and Hos doubled to left,
the Mets felt like the Royals again were committing theft.

Matt Harvey had pitched eight innings, of masterful shutout ball,
he pleaded with his skipper, demanded to get the call
to finish all nine innings, to pitch a complete game.
Instead he retired no one, and hung his head in shame.

As the closer took the mound with no outs and Hos on second,
Moose came unto the plate, the Royals fans surely reckoned,
that this game was far from over, this team was far from done!
To tie the score in the ninth, we needed just one run.

Moose moved Hos to third, with a hard hit ball to first,
ninety feet from home, Royals fans were about to burst.
When Sal’s broken bat grounder produced the second out,
Royals fans may have begun to finally show some doubt.

But Hos broke for home, the throw from first was wide,
Hosmer scored the tying run with a beautiful headfirst slide.
The comeback kids had done it again, done gone and tied the game,
once more the game was not over, we’re headed to extra frames.


In the tenth and eleventh innings, the bullpens held their own,
the Mets had used their closer, the save he had once more blown.
The Royals MVP strode forward, Salvy steadfast and so proud,
he swung the bat and singled, a hush came over the crowd.

The Royals skipper took a chance, pinch running for his catcher,
The KC leader behind the plate had shown much poise and stature.
Dyson’s steal put the go ahead run in scoring position,
the Royals were closing in on accomplishing their mission.

Gordon’s ground out moved Dyson up 90 feet,
the Mets fans groaned, they could start to sense defeat.
Ned pinch hit with Christian Colon, who was quickly down oh and two,
he hit the ball, it did drop in, “Prime Time” had again come through.

Up 3-2, with one on first, the Royals were not finished yet,
some insurance runs to pad the score they still wanted to get.
Orlando reached on Murphy’s error, and Escobar did double,
Now 4 to 2 as Benzo walked, Met’s fans showed that they were troubled.

Then when Lorenzo Cain cleared them all with a shot out to the wall,
the score was now 7-2 and the bullpen Ned did call,
it was time for Wade Davis to come and shut them down,
it’s time to win this series, “Wader Please!”, it’s time to take the crown.

Davis got two quick outs, batters swinging at strike three,
the final Met was caught looking at a strike right at the knees.
The Royals had gone and won it all, the first in 30 years,
a collective yell from loyal Royal’s fans, and many tears and cheers.

Oh somewhere in this favored land, Wade Davis is shining bright;
the band is playing somewhere, and somewhere hearts are light,
and somewhere men are laughing and somewhere children shout;
but there is no joy in Metsville, the last three batters just struck out.



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