Game 3

The hype was about the Mets in Game 3 of ‘15
the first pitch of the game was straight at Esky’s bean.
Young “Thor” later admitted it was no accident,
the Royals showed class not making an incident.


Despite the message, the Royals scored one in the first,
would Syndergard’s message be a turn for the worse?
The Mets answered back to take a 2 – 1 lead,
down 2 games to none, they showed they were treed.

The Royals would not be intimidated, striking right back,
scoring 2 more, were they on the right track?
Not to be daunted the Mets scored again,
The score stood 5-3 Mets, the fans were insane.

If you read the recaps from the New York press,
it was blow out win, a rout more or less.
But the Royals were still in it ‘till the bottom of six,
the Royals fell apart, they took a few licks.

In the end the Mets won, but it’s still not over yet,
headhunting the Royals is not your best bet.
Despite the first pitch, they started off 6 for 10,
That doesn’t sound too much like intimidated men.

They’ll be focused for game 4, with Chris Young on the mound,
take the next two and bring home the crown.
We all love our Royals and know that they’ll fight,
let’s show New York who’s wrong and who’s right.

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