Game 2

Game 2 will long be remembered, as the battle of the hair,
deGrom’s bushy locks versus Cueto’s dreads with flair.
Both pitchers came out hot, throwing big time gas,
three innings went by fast, both hurlers showing class.


In the top of the fourth inning, the Mets put one on the board,
two walks by Johnny Cueto and a dunker with one run scored.
The biased NY writers gave the Mets the winning odds,
these Royals don’t belong here, they are flukes, they are frauds.

The bottom of the fourth saw the Royals load the bases,
but deGrom escaped disaster, showing he was one of their top aces.
The Royals bottom of the fifth was yet another matter,
deGrom started off the inning walking the first batter.

Nine Royals approached the plate, determined to get hits,
they all kept hitting singles, giving deGrom fits.
At the end of the inning, the score was four to one,
Royals fans don’t mind singles, we don’t need balls hit a ton.

In the 8th inning, the Royals went right on adding,
more runs to give Johnny comfortable padding.
Cueto would go on to throw a complete game,
facing only the minimum batters in nearly every frame.

Johnny would dedicate this win to his friend Edison’s late father,
if he gets another start, the Mets shouldn’t even bother.
The Royals now lead the series, two games to none,
we move on to New York, “Let’s Go Royals”, get ‘er done.

By Lorne Willard Again with regards to the original author.

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