After the 7th Game of the 2014 World Series, I was a little down, it has been an emotional October with a lot of ups and just a few downs. The arm chair managers have been heard from on Facebook (by the way, you NEVER make the third out at home, you can’t pitch your relievers two innings every day, and pinch hits and double switches are going to give you problems in a lineup (especially if your’re an American League team), but that is baseball. I hadn’t posted anything on Facebook until I saw this, so I thought I’d type something up.IwasARoyalsFan

I can remember watching Royals games on WIBW in Topeka in the early 70’s. I don’t remember exactly when, but I suspect the number of games televised increased in the 1973 season because of the new stadium and that is when Fred White joined the Royals as a broadcaster. I’m proud to be a Royals fan and proud of these guys for what they’ve achieved this year. Dayton deserves an apology from all you non believers. Yea, maybe it took longer than you think he could have, but we’re there now.

Dayton has built a core team of several players, not just one or two “great” players like Carlos Beltran or Johnny Damon. He has them for a few more years before they reach free agency. He’ll sign some, he won’t sign them all. But the good thing is, he has replacements being groomed in the minors right now. He’s built a quality organization. He’s a Royals fan too and has been for a long time. Lets all give him the respect he deserves.

My best bud and fellow long time Royals fan Andy Craig and I used to collect baseball cards together, he took me to my first Royals game in 1976. May 30th, a 14 inning win over the Angels. Andy actually has a better memory than I do. We grew up in Topeka, so you just didn’t head over to the ballpark on a whim, it had to be a planned trip. In 1988 when I came to KC to work, we went to games when we could, but in 1989 or 1990, we started sharing tickets with some friends at work. We still share them today 25 years later.

Its been hard sometimes, but I’ve always been a baseball fan as well as a Royals fan. You always see two teams and it has been great seeing other teams too. In the early 90’s, we started “collecting” stadiums. I’ve been to 23 out of 30 MLB stadiums, 24 stadiums in total (two Tiger stadiums). Someday we have plans to do all 30 in one season. I’ve got a great wife who likes to go to baseball games too, so I won’t have to twist her arm much.

So next year, everyone that wasn’t a Royals fan before it was cool, attend some games. I heard several people at the playoff games that hadn’t been to a game for a few years, one said he hadn’t been there since they had remodeled (2009). Don’t jump on the bandwagon late in the season. Lets give them some support as fans so they can continue to be a world class organization and make our Octobers fun. As Yogi said, baseball is 90% physical, the other half is mental. We can be there to lift these guys up, and we’ll be more gracious when we win, no setting things on fire like these unclassy Giants fans. This October has been a blast, even though they came up a little short but we don’t care, there is always next year! And to borrow a phrase from one of my college buddies, “It has always been cool to be a Royals fan!”.


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